name: lord dazegi von krahzer

age over 5 million years old

weapon: shining sword of valhalla

dazegi is maliks long lost brother who was thought to be dead until malik saw in a vision that he lived and he creted the dragon tournament after chapter 7 ended but then the team went to the valhallan fortress and daza and zane joined them daza thought to be cerebrus and zane thought to be dead also lazurax typhera and lord zathyus joined them in the final battle all thought to have been killed in the international tournament after dazegis death the team go theyre own ways maru at the forest dojo malik at the iga temple and kyzuma at the forest city of tekarria which leads into chapter 8

trading card: my defeat at valhalla was certain how could bad join with good ? and my daza trick screwed up ! i recruited genesis and former holy knight/templar hopefully the next time i will win !