name: genesis darkfur

age over 19020000 yrs old

weapon: blood saber

genesis was killed in delta nova at the beginning of chapter 5 when the team challenged him to a rematch but then hes blood cells reformed causing him to come back to life after they headed for the airship and then fought the team again at the international tournament in chapter 7 some but genesis after the tournament in his blood form headed for the valhallan portal then was revived by dazegi von krahzer the master of the dragon tournament rumors say he might appear in chapter 9 as dazegis second general

trading card: im many things a dragon a knight but mostly blood cells malik has failed to kill me so now i shall kill them i acquired kryos edge by killing kryos vanhussei my flame bolt spell known as pyrora killed him in 3 blows now i shall kill gilbert for soul edge then ill bring the 2 swords to master dazegi with kryos and gilberts heads